Typology & JLG Specimen

For - Massey University



The concept of both my typology and my specimen was based on french director Jean Luc Godard’s new wave films. My specimen is a digitised version of the hand lettering that was used in the opening sequences of two of his films. I tried to channel the home made, anti establishment spirit of the new wave in my typology through the playful use of colour. The colours used are based off of the opening sequence of ‘Le Mepris’. In addition to this I included colourful film stills that matched the quotes that illustrated each typeface. I used a kettle stitch to bind it and a bulldog clip to attach it to my specimen to further channel the home made quality of the new wave. In my specimen I tried to channel the spirit of the new wave through the asymmetrical grid and the unconventional positioning of the type. I also used some full bleed film stills to convey the nature of the new wave and the typeface, Jean Luc Godard.