Humble Minimalism

Multiple Touchpoint Campaign in collaboration with Briar Lomas & Billie McGuinness


Humble Minimalism is a down to earth campaign designed to affect a change in mindset which goes beyond a one time challenge. At its heart humble minimalism is a fresh take on an old concept. We owe the bones of our philosophy to minimalism 1.0, but knew we needed to forge our own path stylistically, so as to avoid negative perceptions. The hero of the campaign is the promotional video which acts as the tool to educate the public about what exactly humble minimalism is. The campaign video captures Humble Minimalism’s grounded ethos using retro found footage. This provided a nostalgic nod to ‘simpler times’, before our modern ‘throw-away’ culture and the rapid progression of technology. This stylistic choice also meant we avoided the ‘new’, preferring to reuse imagery already in existence— in the same way the humble minimalism campaign encourages the audience to reuse and recycle their things. Our humorous approach to using this footage kept the style feeling fresh, avoiding the gimmicky staleness that can sometimes come with referencing the past.

The graphic style also adds vitality to the campaign. Bold graphic shapes and colours break the traditional white minimal mould, with the shapes subtle referencing advertising imagery; In a world of shouting adverts Humble Minimalism states its place elegantly. The bold graphics transfer across to the video, acknowledging informercial selling techniques. These visuals are linked by a common theme of emotion. We accentuated the change from the harsher spiky visuals, to softer rounded shapes, in order to provide a tangible representation of the mindset shift that happens with humble minimalism. These emotive shapes also make the concept more universal: conveying a feeling of relaxation, lightness and space which transcends audience or time. Though we identified 20-25 year olds as the main audience for Humble Minimalism, the beauty of the campaign is that it really is for everyone. The internet is one of the main reasons young people consume at the rate we do, so it seems only fitting that we should use the same vehicle for change. Our use of social media as the main platform for engagement ensures the people we really want to see it, will— as well as making the campaign easily accessible with a wide reach; Also the reason for our communication with social media influencers.